Good Cause Gifts,  a division of Futures, Inc., is a retail store featuring fine gifts, accessories, and unique artisan merchandise.

Our Mission 

Good Cause Gifts is dedicated to creating and sustaining innovative jobs at competitive wages for individuals with disabilities. Through partnerships with non-profit and for-profit organizations, we contribute to local charities and  raise awareness about the value of employing individuals with disabilities. 

2013-14 Annual Appeal

At Good Cause Gifts, we believe in the broadest sense of community.  As a newly relocated business, we strive to be part of the Berlin and surrounding community, providing a pleasant place for people to shop, an opportunity to employ some of the community’s young people with disabilities and provide a place for people to come together.  At our Grand Opening in September, we welcomed over 200 people to our newly established store.  Perhaps you were able to join us or knew someone who was there to share in the excitement of a new business in our neighborhood.  Read More